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Where are all the Awesome Questions?

These days, there are lots of experts (and non-experts) out there sharing their expertise.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that to solve the world’s most pressing problems, we need diverse expertise. However, even more important than great expertise is great questions.

No matter where you are religiously, one role model in this area is Jesus. Look at all the situations he faced, all the questions he received. It’s jaw-dropping how often he answered a question with an awesome question.  He knew when to be direct, be open-ended, go “back-door” to the heart, redirect, go more rhetorical, and probe deeper – so that hearts could be transformed.

As leaders, we too often feel the need to “assert ourselves” and provide clear directives. While there’s a time and place for everything, we miss a lot good-question moments. When was the last time you stopped yourself from answering a question, and instead answered the question with a better question?

Is a good question worth a thousand good answers?

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