read less, think more


I read too much and think too little. I also learn by writing. So, I started this blog. My current obsessions are:

  • Artificial Intelligence – specifically deep learning, as I believe this will be the most transformative, disruptive development in my lifetime. By a factor of 100.
  • Starting Businesses – I love the challenge of building something sustaining from scratch. I love how the first few chaotic steps are important ones, but not usually the most important ones.
  • Being Present –  in a world obsessed with accomplishment and “doing,”  I want to be being — living Still, Present, and Focused. I call it SPF40 : I need to apply this SPF40 sunlifescreen to protect myself from being distracted.  Being present also allows me to see the future more clearly. And hopefully as I get farther above 40, the lifescreen gets more powerful.
  • Being World Citizens – We’re Chinese-Americans from Chicago living in Kenya. Cross-cultural living is crazy, challenging, and eye-opening. Most of all, it exposes my darn biases.

“Kinyungu”is a nickname that my friend Njoki gave me. In Kikuyu, it means “big pot.” Maybe she thinks I eat a lot.

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