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Hey there! Tony Chen here, and I’m grateful you’re here, too – welcome!

I started this blog when I realized 4 things about myself (and noticed I wasn’t alone):

  1. I live well when I think well.
  2. I think well after I write & read about it well.
  3. I write well when I write short – cut the crap and boil it down!
  4. I write well when I write long – explore the depths and connect the dots!

Here on this blog, I aim to write well — short and long — about a few areas I enjoy:

  • Artificial Intelligence – specifically deep learning.  This will possibly be the most transformative development in my lifetime — by a factor of 100. As a dad, investor, entrepreneur, concerned citizen, and curious user, I want to get past the confusing overhype and get to the bottom of AI.
  • Intentional Living –  in a world obsessed with “doing,”  I want to be being — Still, Present, and Focused. I call it SPF40 – I need to apply this sunlifescreen to protect myself from being burned from cancerous distractions.  Being present helps me to see the past, present, AND future more clearly, drastically focusing my “doing” and my living.
  • Entrepreneurship – I’ve started numerous businesses, but didn’t start my first until I woke up at 30.  Some ventures succeeded, others failed even better. I love the exhilarating challenge of launching something sustaining from scratch.  I’m currently Chairman/Owner of FDAzilla, a SaaS company I co-founded and ran for 7 years. And I’m also Associate Partner at New Matrix Partners, where I advise and invest in entrepreneurs in emerging markets.
  • Crossing Cultures – I’m an ABC (American-born Chinese) from Chicago and have spent years living in Kenya with my family. This experience has blown the top off of what I know about people and how I define living well.

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If you’re interested in any of these themes, connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

“Kinyungu” is pronounced “Kin-YOON-goo” and is a nickname that my friend Njoki gave me while we lived in Kenya. If you figure out what it means, maybe I’ll send you a pizza.

What do you think?