A New Way Forward for Venture in Africa

Venture in Africa is often misaligned as a cut-and-paste strategy from traditional venture capital models. That changes now.

Kinyungu Ventures

About Kinyungu

Kinyungu Ventures catalyzes resilient businesses for local intergenerational prosperity. Based in Nairobi and Chicago, Kinyungu Ventures strives to do three things well.

  • Context: Provide wisdom in crucial moments
  • Connects: Leverage trusted relationships
  • Capital: Invest in great businesses

We are crazy enough to invest in early ventures & SMEs Friends and family can only get you so far, while VCs and banks see you as too risky. This infamous “missing middle” of investing $50-500k is our sweet spot.

Unicorns are cool, but we love zebras Many great small businesses don’t fit the typical VC profile, but have tremendous unfulfilled potential and are the engine of East Africa’s economy.

We don’t just write checks, we go on the journey with you We’ve been in your shoes. So, we know first hand the value of the right people, the right advice, at the right time.

Learn more about our Chasing Outliers research. Or contact us.


Core Beliefs


Trusted Relationships The best ideas are not within us, but between us. The most meaningful problems are solved by epic teams. So, we partner and disagree together well.


Generous Stewardship Everything we have has been given to us and meant to be stewarded to bless others.


Servant Leadership The greatest leaders are servants, equipping their people to surpass them. We serve others - our partners, employees, customers, communities - best through listening and modeling growth.


Enduring Culture We are known by the ecosystem more for our culture than for our investments. As more entrepreneurs join the family, we all mutually benefit, leveraging our collective strengths.

About the Founder

Tony Chen is Co-Founder of Kinyungu Ventures and has a portfolio of 15 Kenyan companies. Tony has enjoyed 20+ years creating new business: 10 years as a corporate intrapreneur building new business lines, and then 10 years launching new companies. He co-founded Redica Systems (formerly Govzilla), a SaaS business he led as CEO for 8 years until 2017.

Tony is also on the Investment Committee for Triphammer Ventures. His first company, Hospital Impact, was acquired by FierceMarkets in 2009. Tony earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. Tony and his family lived in Kenya for three years, when he had 300+ coffees with entrepreneurs, investors, and capacity builders in the start-up ecosystem.

Toy Chen

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