5,000 Open “Deep Learning” Jobs: Half are in These 7 Cities

I’ve been fascinated with the “where” question for AI.  Those who win AI will be those who can attract the best talent. And then, talent begets more talent.  Yes, it’s a time of the super-team in the NBA, and AI is no different. The cities that win, win big.

So, I did a jobs search on LinkedIn on “Deep Learning” (quotes included). I found ~5,000 jobs, and here is where the jobs are.

A few observations:

  • There’s no getting around the fact that San Francisco is the center of the universe for AI. Google, Facebook, and Apple already have thousands of deep learning scientists and engineers on the payroll. But don’t forget the 100+ well-funded AI start-ups in the area (more on this in another post).
  • You could easily argue that Bengaluru (Bangalore) is the AI hub for India. Already the IT hub of the country (mind blown: 800,000 IT professionals right there on one city), one Indian executive once joked at a tech conference: why India Rocks, Bangalore roars, and Silicon Valley will soon be Bangalored
  • Another surprise is Singapore. Because of its size, location, governance, and history, I’d say Singapore is arguably the most nimble nation on the planet. Sometimes dictators are benevolent, and even have vision. As such, they are pivoting towards AI. Beyond your usual recruiting suspects (Microsoft, Google Nvidia, etc), a significant number of jobs were at government or university posts.
  • Keep an eye out for Germany’s AI start-up landscape.
  • The AI race will be won with talent, and open jobs are only one of four huge streams that the talent is flowing. Read the whole analysis on the four cities where AI is converging.


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